„Atare Anbani” is the real Georgian brand and aims to popularize Georgian language, culture and history. Founders are Nestan and Tamar Amirejibi, who has transformed Georgian letters into silver and gold jewelry and gave original definition and significance to each mark.

„Atare Anbani” is a simple, easy-to-wear, sensible jewelry and it has become one of the best gift ideas of the year 2019. In addition to that the accessories have some positive concept, each letter is coded by pleasant and positive epithets, which gives the motivation to the customer to pay compliments to the beloved ones at the holidays and important days or to tell the best wishes.

„Atare Anbani” is a special, true Georgian souvenir that will leave pleasant memories to the tourist about Georgia.

We aim to show Georgian distinctive character and exceptional nature in this form.

„Atare Anbani” offers a new design of silver and gold crosses, bracelets and pendants to the customer, which now is available for men and children. „Atare” has become the online space where you will always find the best surprise.